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It’s a fact that we help foster carers find a mortgage. We appreciate that finding a mortgage through the majority of high street lenders can be difficult due to the way your income is paid. We admire what you do, and we really want to help.

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We are experts at helping foster carers secure a mortgage. The process doesn’t have to be stressful and doesn’t have to take a lifetime. We understand the complexities and nature of your situation.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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The Mortgage Heroes will research the whole market to find the right mortgage for you. We will talk you through the process and let you know what things cost, and what we’ll need. We do the legwork!

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Once we have everything in place, we will guide you through to the finish line. Following that, we will proactively look to support you in the future to ensure you have the most suitable mortgage in place.

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Our experienced team at The Mortgage Heroes are passionate about ensuring our clients get the most suitable mortgage for them, now and in the future. We will be in touch once your mortgage is coming to an end and look at the options available to you.

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The Mortgage Heroes truly saved the (my) day. My mortgage journey began with my bank offering me a promise of mortgage because I am a Class A customer, so was I told. I am a foster carer and I was aware of the fact that not many banks or financial institutions would give me a mortgage. So, when the bank I do business with opened up that possibility I was over the moon. Well, after nearly two months of talking and sending documents, the final answer was “we are sorry, but we can’t give you a mortgage”. Needless to say that my world came crushing down on me. I had already placed an offer and it had been accepted by the sellers. I felt hopeless and helpless. That’s when I got in touch with The Mortgage Heroes. Simeon was brilliant and friendly, he felt my disappointment and did everything to reassure me that it was possible to find me a mortgage. After speaking to Simeon I felt that perhaps there was hope. It took Simeon less than a week to get me a formal offer for a mortgage. Isn’t that being a hero or what? It definitely is in my book. I am already living in my new home. Okay it is messy and I haven’t finished with the boxes, but who cares. I am in my HOME for Christmas. I am very grateful to The Mortgage Heroes. Thank you guys. I am so grateful to these guys.

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

Absolutely. Actually I got more than I expected because I was let down by my bank and became despondent about the whole thing.

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Don’t worry, the way you get paid is fine.

The Mortgage Heroes get it. We have vast experience in helping foster carers secure a mortgage.

We have a wealth of knowledge in this sector. We have supported foster carers with short and long term placements, special guardianship, respite care and adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know about getting a foster care mortgage.

When lenders assess your income, they typically use the income which is taxable. Due to the large tax breaks foster carers receive, this can seriously affect the amount you can borrow. How long you have been fostering can also have an impact on your application.

Details of these tax breaks can be found via this link – – qualifying care relief

You need to have been fostering for a minimum of at least 3 months.

Yes, we have great relationships with some of the leading lenders in the UK which will accept 100% of your foster income.

No, they don’t have to be, however the amount of lenders is limited. We have access to some very competitive deals for foster carers.

The short answer is yes! We deal with foster carers on a daily basis. We understand how your income works, and the different types of fostering (including short and long term placements, respite care, special guardianship and adoption).

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