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This insurance policy is designed for landlords who have buy to let properties.

Landlords cover can protect landlords against tenants that have damaged their home and missed rent payments depending on the cover provider. We can help you find the right cover, no matter your situation.

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What is life insurance cover?

Life insurance cover meets your demands and needs if you want to have a lump sum or regular income paid in the event of your death and usually on diagnosis of a terminal illness during your chosen term, dependant on the insurer.

The main things clients like to cover against are their mortgages/debts. This means, if they pass away during the mortgage term that the mortgage would be re-paid, meaning the family could remain in the home without any financial burden.

The other main reason would be to provide an income/lump sum for the family so they could carry on with a good standard of living. There are various options available when it comes to life insurance and our advisers are qualified to talk you through these options.

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